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Performance: The agent is a colorless transparent liquid,去污力strong, and can quickly clear a variety of metal and glass surfaces of oil, wax, asphalt, metal and glass on the surface of non-destructive, with easy to clean, quick evaporation, drying quickly , a low boiling point, high recovery rate, the use of security features.
Uses: mainly used for cleaning the surface of a variety of metal and glass of oil, wax, asphalt, etc.. The agent can also be used for cleaning optical instruments, computer, satellite navigation devices and aerospace equipment and paint.
Usage: the attitude of the management process can be used in the electronics industry such as hand crafts, general use of ultrasound equipment, better use of the agent, the best equipment used to control the temperature at about 40 ℃.
The main parameters:
Weight: 1.32 ± 0.05
Boiling point: 40 ℃
Non-volatile matter: 0.001%
Note: This product is a low toxicity, the working environment should be maintained ventilation, and wearing of protective overalls, masks and so on should not contact the skin, eyes, and if they hit, immediately rinse with water, if necessary, seek medical treatment.
Packing: 30 kg or 250 kg plastic drums barrels loaded.
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