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YSA-808 as a neutral cleaning agent concentrates from a variety of surfactants, inorganic salts, such as the preparation made by the National Science and Technology. This product can quickly remove the low-temperature surface of the glass lenses of all kinds of dirt adhesion, and easy to rinse, no residue, colorless and tasteless, hard and soft materials of various types of lenses without any corrosion, the use of safe, reliable, and an environmental protection type cleaning agent.
Use and maintenance
First, the use of technology
1, the use of the concentration of 5-15%
2 and humidity: -90 ℃ ambient temperature
3, time :2-10 minutes
Second, the use of methods
1, This product is water-soluble, pro-rata basis when used in water to dilute and uniform mixing.
2, will be required to clean the workpiece submerged in the liquid goods job, according to the provisions of the washing time and temperature.
3, the standard process: the workpiece to be washed clean → YSA-003 (90 seconds) → YSA-003 wash (90 seconds) → water washing → water washing → Pure water washing → IPA → Pure water washing → IPA or ethanol or water → IPA or ethanol, anhydrous ethanol → drying.
4, it is recommended the best use of ultrasonic cleaning equipment.
Third, the maintenance of
1, when the cleansing effect of decreased 1-2% can be added to the YSA-808 supplement, and its ability to restore cleaning unabated.
2, such as washing liquid has a lot of floating oil can be skim oil, or add water to spill through.
Such as by washing the ability to add levels to achieve the original post, you can discard the new fluid replacement.
Four wastewater treatment: environmental protection type, can be directly discharged
Friday, packaging: 20KG or 200KG drums.
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