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EYSA-004 optical glass cleaning agent

YSA-004 optical glass cleaners are my latest research and development of new products, product is highly enriched type cleaning agent, by a wide range of imported organic matter, surfactants, inorganic salts, such as the technology has been scientifically formulated by. YSA-004 optical glass lenses of various surface adhesion of dirt, grease, wax, carbon black, such as beeswax and cerium oxide residue, epoxy resins, such as the removal of power are very strong, and easy to rinse . The material goods of all kinds of hard and soft lenses of basic non-corrosive, especially for the soft lens material extremely difficult to have a latent injury, the use of high security.

1, Product characteristics:
1, clean and strong, non-residue, easy to rinse.
2, environment-friendly: no sulfur, benzene and other toxic and corrosive substances.
3, highly soluble in water, not volatile, no odor irritation.
4, for a variety of metals, plastics, fibers, etc. safe and corrosion.

Second, appearance: colorless transparent liquid.

Third, the proportion of: 1.1 ± 0.05

Fourth, the use of technology:
1, the use of concentration :3-5%
2, temperature: 0 ℃ -60 ℃.
3, time: 90 seconds -180 seconds / slot, see the specific process.

Friday, the use of methods:
1, the YSA-004 and water in proportion to the preparation tank cleaning solution prepared by washing under clean, prepared with water, wash effect
2, the standard process: the workpiece to be washed clean → YSA-004 cleaning → YSA-004 → water washing → water washing
    → Pure water washing → IPA → Pure water washing → IPA or ethanol or anhydrous ethanol or anhydrous ethanol → IPA → drying.

Six, Attention:
1, the goods should not be mixed with acid storage.
2, the goods can not be mixed with other cleaning agents to use.
3, the products were alkaline, use should be to avoid contact with skin, and put on protective overalls, with masks, gloves and other safety
    The whole preparation. If they touch the eyes, immediately rinse with plenty of water, if necessary, seek medical treatment as soon as possible.
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