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EYSA-015 optical glass processing industries for cleaning, suitable for all types of glass material. Of oil, abrasive, fingerprints and other residues have a strong ability to clean. Is an excellent optical glass special water-based cleaning agent. This product is on the acrylic, PC, AC and so on the surface of a variety of plastic products with excellent cleaning results.

First, the scope of application:
Removal of various oils, abrasives, fingerprints and other residues, applicable to all types of optical glass lenses and acrylic, PC, AC, such as cleaning the surface of plastic products.

Second, characteristics:
1, Appearance: colorless transparent liquid.
2, density: g/cm3 (20 ± 1 ℃): 1.15 ± 0.02
3, PH value (stock solution) :9-10

Three, the use of methods:
1, according to the degree of cleaning dirty objects, diluted with water to 3% -5% of the solution used.
2, the use of ambient temperature, with ultrasonic cleaning.
3, if necessary, may be appropriate to extend the cleaning time, improve the use of concentration.

Fourth, note:
1, the goods are weakly basic, long-term exposure to wear plastic gloves.
2, if accidentally splashed into the eyes immediately with clean salt water.

Friday, waste disposal: In accordance with the cleaning process of the sewage requirements and deal with local environmental protection regulations.

Six, packaging specifications: 25 kg, 30 kg, 250 kg plastic barrels packaging.
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