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EYSA-018 optical glass processing industries for cleaning, suitable for all types of glass material. Of oil, abrasive, fingerprints and other residues with a powerful cleaning capabilities, this product is especially suitable for cleaning flat glass lens is an excellent optical glass special water-based cleaning agent.

First, the scope of application:
Removal of various oils, abrasives, fingerprints and other residues, applicable to all types of optical glass lens cleaning.

Second, characteristics:
Appearance: yellow to light yellow transparent liquid.
Density: g/cm3 (20 ± 1 ℃): 1.35 ± 0.05
PH value: (liquid) :13-14

Three, the use of methods:
1, according to the degree of cleaning dirty objects, diluted with water to 3% ~ 5% of the solution used.
2, the use of temperature: ambient temperature -70 ℃, the general ultrasonic heating temperature is 60 ℃.
3, it is recommended with ultrasonic cleaning.
4, if necessary, may be appropriate to extend the cleaning time, improve the use of concentration.

Fourth, note:
1, This product is highly alkaline, long-term exposure to wear plastic gloves.
2, if accidentally touched the skin or splashing into the eyes immediately with clean salt water.

Friday, waste disposal: In accordance with the cleaning process of the sewage requirements and deal with local environmental protection regulations.

Six, packaging specifications: 25 kg, 30 kg, 250 kg plastic barrels packaging.
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